Loan Documentation Dateline Extended

This is to bring to the notice of our Farmers, visitors to our website and the general public at large that the dateline for loan documentation has been extended from 29th May 2021 to 12th June 2021. This extension became necessary as we noticed that a mass of our members are yet to receive their SEIFAC Project Wallet Accounts from our official one and only Participating Financial Institute (PFI) HERITAGE BANK PLC, hence such members have not activated their Wallet Accounts with the minimum balance of N2000.00 and subsequently execute their loan docuementations. SEIFAC and its PFI are working tirelessly on a technology that will ensure that all members who are yet to receive their Project Wallet Accounts to receive, activate and execute their loan documentation within the extension period. We therefore call on all our members across the country to remain calm resolute while we ensure the delivery of their Project Wallet Accounts to their respective cell phones.